A Minimalist Bathroom Design and Inspiration


My father always designed and did our bathrooms and he was a lawyer. That’s how I grew up dreaming of a nicely-designed and made bathroom, with bathroom tiles in line at the very least. So when we first saw our to-be apartment in October 2016, we were especially horrified by the state and appearance of the toilet and bathroom. We knew it was going to be the one we will spend a lot of money and time on. I was ecstatic though. I got to design our own bathroom! We hired a contractor, Archimede, owned by a friend of my husband to get the job done.

I went to their shop and picked out the tiles for both walls and floor, the fixtures: sinks, taps, toilet and bidet, bath tub, and most importantly, the design of the countertop and drawers. It was a lot of fun!

I relied a lot on ideas from Pinterest. With my very limited knowledge of Italian then, it was good to have pictures to show to our contractor what kind of fixtures and general look I was going for, even if they also spoke English. Pinterest has been a huge help in designing our home!

We would have preferred an apartment with two bathrooms as my husband, like most husbands, spends a lot of time on the loo, sitting there with his phone or his laptop, while the rest of the family wait outside impatiently for their turns. It mostly tortures our daughter, who for some reason, always find that she has to use the bathroom at the exact moments her father is there.

Anyhow, we made use of whatever limited space we have and managed to fit in a bath tub, a toilet and bidet, two sinks, three drawers, the boiler, and the washing machine!

Behold the finished room!

The cats love the bathroom as expected.

I love the fact that it’s sunny and has a window ledge where I can keep plants. It also has a ledge on the side wall where I sometimes put on some scented candles, or a vase of flowers, or the my most-used facial products.

It is said that we spend a lot of time in the bathroom and it is important to make it as comfortable as possible. I am glad we did just that! Our bathroom might be small but it has efficient use of space and we were able to stick to our design inspirations. I will be sad when we leave this apartment and leave this tiny but very nice and bright t&b but I am hoping that we can do better in the next ones!

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