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This post comes fast in the heels of a previous post about our family using Brita water filter pitchers at home and Brita sports bottles for travel. Over the years, I have become more and more sensitive to the taste of drinking water. In the Philippines, I avoided (like hell) some bottled water companies because the water tasted so bad. After meeting my now-husband, I also learned to avoid distilled water as he calls it “empty water,” is a waste of money, and defeats the purpose of drinking water to rehydrate and get the body some much-needed minerals. We make it a point to only drink “mineral water”. I don’t actually get where the obsession by Italians to “mineral water” comes from. (Let me know if this obsession applies only to Italians because I would like to know otherwise!)  I do remember hanging out at my aunt’s house in the 90’s and having her Italian husband, who did not really speak English, ask us kids if the water was “mineral water” and we always answered yes. Because it came straight from the water pump which takes water from the soil, and the soil is filled with minerals, so, therefore, this water is full of minerals, and thus can be considered “mineral water”, yes? Yes. In those days, bless those days, nobody really bought water in plastic bottles.

In restaurants here in Italy, natural or sparkling water is almost always served in glass bottles and I am telling you, they taste soooo good! You can almost say the price is justified. Glass is taste-neutral so no plastic or metallic taste will affect your beverage. Aside from the taste, harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalate, PVC, or polycarbonate can leach into your drinks.

Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon Equa, a Slovenian company that designs and sells beautiful glass bottles and BPA-free plastic bottles. As much as I wanted to get all glass bottles for the entire family, this is not advisable for kids as glass breaks, right?My daughter was especially happy with hers as it came with the option of using a straw and it is 100% leak proof. She said, “Mom, my backpack is only waterproof outside and not inside and the Brita bottle that you put in my backpack sometimes leaks.” I imagine it leaks because she is unable to properly close the spout sometimes. I told her this new one comes with a guarantee of being leak proof and she beamed at me. I felt quite the accomplished eco-friendly momma!

I got me and my husband glass bottles from the Mismatch collection, complete with our names engraved into the bottle lids.

Made of borosilicate glass.
Resistant to big thermal changes, so it’s safe to keep your hot tea in a bottle too.
Combined with faux leather cover and metallic holder.
The lid is made of stainless steel, tritan and silicone ring which enables the MISMATCH bottle to be 100% leakproof.


The packaging is charming, to say the least!

I originally just wanted to buy one for my husband as a Father’s Day present to go along with that letter that took years to get written, but then I figured, why not get bottles for the entire family? I imagine all four of us, with our dog and cats, in our van traveling with our water bottles and it makes such a pretty picture in my head!

I am not really into presents. Getting and giving presents aren’t really my thing. I don’t celebrate my birthday though I make an effort for my daughter’s. I have come to realize this is not the case for everyone in my family so I am slowly improving on my occasion-celebration abilities.

My husband was touched, even if a bit disappointed that it can only carry up to 750ml (25oz) and we drink more than that, especially if we are out surfing or spending all day on the beach. I just said these bottles will stay in the car and our bags when we travel so we will always have cool great tasting water and eliminate times when we have to stop by a bar in some random town to get ourselves some cool water to help dissipate the heat we feel. For us, fresh, cool, delicious-tasting drinking water is really a priority and I am so glad we now have these [gorgeous] bottles for the entire family to use.

I imagine our little one will not really need the bottle just yet in the next months but I had to get four for the entire family already and also save on shipping costs and carbon footprint. Shipping was fast and efficient, not to mention free with a purchase of 50Euros and above, and packaging was great. I highly recommend these products. As a disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. 😉

If you need more information regarding plastic vs glass, there is some more info here: Whyglass, Bottle Battle, MSU.

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