No to Plastic Bottles with Brita Filtration System


I happen to drink lots of water: an average of 3 liters per day. In Sardegna, where we live during the summer because my husband has a dive center operating in the Tavolara Marine Park – Blu Infinito Diving Center, it is not advisable to drink water from the tap because our village utilizes recycled water. We go through about five 1.5 liter water bottles per day leading my husband to nickname us ‘the camel family’. That’s 150 plastic bottles per month and 450 plastic bottles for the entire summer! I alone discard 730 plastic bottles per year! That’s a lot of plastic bottles that can take 450-1000 years to biodegrade!

It was very painful for me to have to see all those plastic bottles in the recycling bin and it is for this reason that I decided to purchase a Brita water filter pitcher. My husband though who has a very sensitive stomach, for all his Earth-saving beliefs and practices, is unable to drink unbottled water though. For myself who has lived in the provinces of the Philippines drinking water from deep wells, flowing spring waters, and the likes, that is fortunately not the case and I made it a point that my daughter grew up the same.

I fill up the pitcher constantly throughout the day. It has a filter that lasts one month and a tiny digital screen that shows you when to replace it. I do mark in our calendar the exact day I change the filter just to make sure.

It was my brother who introduced me to Brita. It was 2015 and I found the cheapest flights from Olbia, Sardegna all the way to Jacksonville, Florida, and I decided to visit my brother who was living there with his wife. I had a layover in Copenhagen for a few hours, I was really thirsty but could not, for the life of me, make myself buy a bottle of water that cost 24DKK, exclusive of the bottle deposit. When I arrived at my destination, near dehydration, my brother said, “You cannot do this to yourself,” and he got me two Brita sports bottles with its own filtration system. That way, with my stomach which my husband likes to joke about, so tough it can even digest nails, which is definitely an exaggeration but you get the picture, can even take water from the restroom taps after passing through security and drink it.

I love airports that provide drinking fountains but sadly, not all airports do this. I have had to, more than once, close my eyes and ignore signs that said, “Water from the tap is not potable,” but if you’re a traveler, you “stomach more than you think you can”, so to speak. I have had a Brita sports water bottle with me and my family for the past 3 years and I am very proud of it. I have never had to discard plastic water bottles prior to security check since.

Access to safe and potable water is definitely an issue even if about 71% of the Earth’s surface water-covered. We often fail to realize that about 96% of Earth’s water is in our oceans and only 4% of it is freshwater stored in different places: lakes, swamps, marshes, rivers, soil, and the atmosphere.

We really must do our part in conserving water AND lessening our environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastics. If it means you have to buy your own water filter pitcher, do so. If it means you have to carry around reusable water bottles, do so. If it means you have to buy expensive water in glass bottles (4x the price of water in plastic bottles, yes we checked!) do so, BUT if it means you’re going to be hospitalized constantly, then find alternatives. If it means you have to install your own water filtration system in your home, do so. (We plan to do this next year.) Just. DO. SOMETHING.

Here are some graphics lifted off a Lifehacker post to guide you in your travels and your drinking water needs.

Other worthy reads regarding this subject can be found here: Mappingmegan, The Travel, Trip Savvy, Holiday Guru and, The Water Delivery Company.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to share this little bits of information with ya’ll.

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