You are a Part of Me Just as I am a Part of You


My husband,

It took me along time to finally see how much you love me. It took me a long time to finally see through you and get to know who you truly are. Your simplicity is an inspiration to me and your beautiful soul never ceases to astound me. How in the world you found me, we both know how. How in the world I knew you were out there, I dreamt of you when I was young. I didn’t know you then but I know you now.

Our journey has not been easy and I doubt it will be. But the love you and I have for each other will surely tide us through every difficult step and every painful path.

Our life will soon enter a new chapter with the birth of our child. It will not be easy, neither for you nor for me, but as long as you hold my hand at night in my sleep, and give us our recommended 20-second hugs throughout the day, and you give me the space I need when I cannot control myself, we will be alright.

You will be an amazing father to our son. As much as you have been to our daughter who may not be your flesh and blood but you have treated and accepted as such. Six years have passed since you came into our lives and I am proud of our silly family.

And most of all, I am proud of you.

Happy Father’s Day… in honor of last week… and in anticipation of the day you will hold your beautiful son in your arms.

For for every baby born, a mother and father are also born.

We love you so.

People talk about love all the time, but most people seldom, if ever,
get to experience the closeness that you and I share everyday of our lives.
When you and I fell in love, there was a lot more to it than just hearts and flowers.
And it wasn’t long before we knew that this was no ordinary love.
What we felt for each other was stronger and deeper and more important
than anything we had ever known.
And now I can honestly say that you are a part of me, just as I am a part of you.
This is the love that songs and books are written about…
an everlasting lifetime love, and it’s ours to enjoy… forever.

A cheesy card and poem for a cheesy husband and father, one can still not go wrong.



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